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As an industry leader in print and digital marketing, British Boating Magazine strives to be much more than just an allocation of your marketing budget. Instead, our dedicated team will work around the clock to act as a marketing arm of your business, relieving you of design costs, administration costs including salaries, and most importantly, saving you time.

As an industry leader in lifestyle publishing, we understand our market places better than most, we are able to place your business in front of a very accurate and targeted audience both in print and digitally, keeping your brand current as market trends move from season to season.

The BBM design team has in excess of 45 years of experience working on both national and international marketing strategies and campaigns for a host of blue-chip corporations as well as a magnitude of smaller independent businesses. Coupling both our knowledge and bank of stock imagery, skills and understanding of your products, images and logo we aim to platform your business onto a response-driven stage.


British Boating Magazine can directly target your business audience through a host of events, features and aqua lifestyle platforms and ‘guarantee’ to put your business directly into the eye of your target

Much more than just a marketing budget
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In business we need three things in order to be successful,

1 – A good saleable product

2 – A targeted and responsive audience

3 – Drive and ambition

If you want to make your ‘good saleable’ product a success, then British Boating Magazine has the ‘targeted & responsive’ audience you need to be successful. Add our ‘drive’, dedication and passion to all of this and we can put you on the map!


Sounds good? Then contact our friendly team now to discuss your individual requirements 01454 318 7810

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